Marilyn Kallet

“I love you for all the men I do not love / and for those I adore.” (“Encore.”)

How Our Bodies LearnedMarilyn Kallet’s new collection of poetry How Our Bodies Learned  by Black Widow Press (2018) is now available.  Her seventh book of lyric poems offers a collection of love poems and sensual blues that enfold more difficult poems of witness. Each of the three chapters takes a hard look at historical events: the terrorist attack in Paris, November 2015; gun violence in Orlando and San Bernardino; the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. But Kallet is also a poet of dreams and humor. She reassures her readers with songs of healing and resilience. The influence of poets such as Baudelaire, Eluard, and William Carlos Williams adds resonance. “What Power Has Love?” Kallet asks in section One, after witnessing the events in Paris. This power, love: to sing, survive, and to “love harder.” You can order from amazon.com now.

“All of Marilyn Kallet’s poems are falling-in-love poems. This collection is no exception.”  -Joy Harjo

 The Love That Moves Me by Marilyn KalletMarilyn Kallet’s The Love That Moves Me   is a collection of love poems inspired by Dante’s Inferno, as well as by Rimbaud’s relationship with Verlaine, and by Orpheus and Eurydice. These days Beatrice and Dante find themselves in France, Indiana, and in East Tennessee, bickering at NASCAR. Love is the unifying factor, song is the vehicle, descent is a constant, with re-emergence thankfully part of the narrative. Surrealist humor abounds as Benjamin Péret bursts some Romantic bubbles with his exclamations. This is a sensual and resonant collection offering hints of heaven in the love lyrics, touching upon a range of emotions and forms, from traditional pantoums to experimental verse. You can order from amazon.com now.

New! “Ode to Ragweed” and “Ode to My Lost Glove.”   Two poems published in Still Journal. Read them here.

The Biggest Blue Jay – Poem by Marilyn Kallet: Lives in the hedge next door.  I have hedge envy. He swoops in once daily on his no-bagel-crumbsmission. Read the entire poem in American Diversity Report  here.

 In addition to poetry, her works include translations, anthologies, personal essays, criticism and children’s books. 

O Taste and See: Writing the Senses in Deep France June 5-16: Mentor for “Writing the River” residency  at VCCA’s Moulin à Nef in Auvillar,  France for the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. (cancelled)

To read updates from Marilyn, visit her on Facebook Additional social media comments as Poet Laureate of Knoxville, Tennessee. Award winning poet Marilyn Kallet is available for readings, seminars and workshops on many aspects of contemporary writing. Contact.